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Ngày đăng tin: 31-10-2009

Belonging to Nhon Trach New City, Nhon Trach Industrila Zone is the o­ne that has drawed a lot of investment with increasing number of investors and witness gradual expansion of investment scale Possessing.

Possessing a lot of experience in technical infrastructure investment, IDICO Urban and House Development Investment Joint Stock Company (IDICO – UDICO) is the Owner and is controlling and managing Tuy Ha 110/22KV transformer station and 22KV electricity network supplying electricity stably, safely and frequently 24/24hour to investors in the Industrial Zone Nhon Trach 1, 2, 3 and 5, Loc Khang Industrial Zone, and Nhon Phu Industrial Zone. Initially the capacity of the station is 56MVA supplying electricity to several investors in Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Zone. With desire to contribute the development of the local as well as recognition of the increasing investment tend to the Industrial Zone, so in 2004 IDICO – UDICO invested in order to raise capacity of the transformer station to 119MVA. IDICO – UDICO is going to install o­ne 63MVA transformer (expected to operate in 2008) raising station capacity to 182MVA and together with 22KV line system, IDICO –UDICO is willing to supply electricity in service of production and daily use for new investors.

With the motto “ anywhere factory available, there IDICO – UDICO present”, we continuously invest for technology renewal, periodical maintenance for machines and equipment as well as improve skill and servicing style for staff that manage and control the station. With a staff more than 40 person including engineers, technicians experienced, well-trained and enthusiastic, IDICO-UDICO ensure to supply electricity continuously for customers. 

Come to IDICO – UDICO, customers will receive best utilities o­n electricity supply service. We are willing to provide detail guidelines about procedures related electricity supply application.Time from submitting electricity supply application letter to contract negotiation does not exceed 5 days.

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